Articles in ECMWF Newsletter

Presentations for ECMWF

Routinely I give presentations to update ECMWF Member States of our work at ECMWF hosted meetings and oral updates to the annual EGOWS meeting. Additional to these I gave also these presentations:

At university

  • S. Siemen and A.R. Holt, A Modified VAD Technique for Analysing Wind Fields with Doppler radar, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, vol. 25, p. 1201-1204, 2000 (This paper was presented by me as a talk on the 1st European Conference on Radar Meteorology in Bologna, Italy, September 2000)
  • S. Siemen, A.R. Holt, P. Hardaker, Extracting Doppler Radar Wind Information in Weather Prediction, 30th International Conference on Radar Meteorology, AMS, p. 461-462, Munich, 2001
  • S. Siemen and A.R. Holt, Recovering wind field features from VAD signatures for use in numerical forecasting, URSI Commission F Open Symposium, 2002
  • Y.K Goh, S.Siemen and A.R. Holt, Progress in dual Doppler radar wind retrieval from operational radars, Poster, Royal Meteorological Society Conference, Sep. 2003
  • Chris G. Collier, Fay Davies, Karen E. Bozier, Anthony R. Holt, Doug R. Middleton, Guy N. Pearson, Stephan Siemen, Dave V. Willetts, Graham J.G. Upton and Rob I. Young, Dual-Doppler Lidar Measurements for Improving Dispersion Models, p.825-838, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 86, no 6, June 2005

Articles for computer magazines

Since January 2003 I have written several articles for the German and English Linux Magazine.

  • S. Siemen, Virtuelle Welt, Linux Magazin (DE) 02/2003, S. 100-103
  • S. Siemen, Bewegte Objekte, Linux Magazin (DE) 03/2003, S.98-101
  • S. Siemen, Coin 3D – Make the programming of 3D worlds easier than with OpenGL, Linux Magazine (UK), Issue 28, March 2003
  • S. Siemen, Räumliche Malerei, Linux Magazin (DE) 04/2003, S.98-102
  • S. Siemen, Moving Objects – Interactive 3D with Coin and Qt, Linux Magazine (UK), Issue 29, April 2003
  • S. Siemen, Drawing in 3D – Interactive 3D Worlds with Coin and Qt, Linux Magazine (UK), Issue 30, May 2003
  • S. Siemen, Software-Doping, Linux Magazin (DE) 06/2003, S.59-62
  • S. Siemen, Speed Compiler(PDF), Compiling C and C++ Programs with Intel’s Compiler, Linux Magazine (UK), Issue 32, July 2003
  • S. Siemen, Vier auf einen Streich, Code-Optimierung für SSE2-fähige Prozessoren, Linux Magazin (DE)08/2003, S.101-105
  • S. Siemen, Go Faster(PDF), Optimizing Programs for SSE2-capable Processors, Linux Magazine (UK) Issue 34, September 2003
  • S. Siemen, Top Speed, Programme optimieren mit Profilern und Memory-Debuggern, Linux Magazin (DE)10/2003, S.88-92
  • O. Frommel, S. Siemen, Glänzende Effekte, 3D-Grafiken verbessern durch Shader, Linux Magazin (DE) 02/2004
  • S. Siemen, Mit Vektoren zeichnen, Das Grafikformat SVG – Struktur und Praxis, Linux Magazin (DE) 11/2004, S.90-94
  • S. Siemen, Vektorgrafik in Bewegung, Vektorgrafiken im SVG-Format animieren, Linux Magazin Sonderheft Multitalent (DE) April – Juni 2006, S.78-80

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